Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Problems with Myths

When we drop the religion and examine the basics, we are all the same and far more likely to be at peace with one another living with those basic requirements. If God is something then He is law - the laws of the universe that apply to us all. Step in front of a train doing 100 miles an hour and the same thing will happen to any of us regardless of who we worship. We'll get mashed up and be dead. Watch Charlie Chaplin do one of his silly acts and we'll probably all laugh; and that too in spite of what god we worship.

But the planet we live on matters, or should I call it our Garden of Eden. If we abuse it, as we certainly are, it will make changes that may not be supportive of organic life as we know it. We are extremely dependent upon the organic status-quo yet ignorant of our negative affect upon its health.

Truth and the teaching of basic truths right from early childhood is still ignored or neglected in our schools and parental teaching. I believe that if we taught our children by example and from the fertility capabilities of the soil, sea and air, we would be doing God's work. Well - that's if God means truth and applied wisdom, as it ought to mean. Impact is, one can strike a match and burn a forest or take a spade and plant a tree. Which? is up to the individual. One can face Mecca and pray 5 times a day and the desert will not change. Use that time to plant a tree and look after it and action will speak louder than words of prayer. And if there is a God looking on surely he'd be more pleased with the action.

Religion differs from race to race and even within races. You wouldn't kill someone who says its better to plant potatoes in March when you believe it is best to plant them in June - now would you? But when it comes to Catholics and Protestants, even though Christ is the head of each, they will kill each other and have done for hundreds of years. And that's just through some conflicting interpretation over the ancient scripts they fervently believe in. The Ten Commandments say: Thou shalt not kill - and that's been trampled into the sand and mud ever since it was written.

Mythology is the enemy of peace and harmony. Here is our Garden of Eden that God is said to have given us and we, regardless of our beliefs, are abusing it. All of life is confined to this planet, our earth. Why can't we just say: This is what we are part of and if it dies so do we. We must use our skills and actions to protect and nurture it. Praying to God won't plant a tree or make a garden or protect a bird or fish, so actions speak louder than words.


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